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Group 19??Silta
Group 20AA or B ?ABTHUMOS
Group 229/10??πŸ˜€πŸ˜„!!!The shoes fit me great!The shoes could fit me athletics
Group 21Great service. Alex was the perfect host.??

Better business decisions when you Asq.

Learn more about people's perception of your business, allowing you to convert more traffic and make existing customers happier.

Asq on Messenger

Create a Facebook Messenger bot that your customers discover at your place of business. Reward them for answering questions that help you serve them better.

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With Asq on Messenger, customers only have to click twice to start interacting with your bot.

"How long was the wait?"

"Weekdays are fine, but weekends are overcrowded."

β€”26 minutes ago

"I'd come more often if the lines were shorter."

β€”3 days ago
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Smart watch


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Ask questions to validate your assumptions: are your prices right? Are your products high quality? Gain insights that you would have otherwise missed.

You'll know because you Asq'd.

Get summaries of your feedback that help you pinpoint causes, identify trends, and ultimately forge better solutions.

Group 4Q:3.84.5k64%36%Q:

Jack Kim

β€” CEO @ Duo

"We had no idea why our visitors were abandoning their carts. Asq gave us a deeper understanding of our pricing that we may not have found otherwise."

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Messenger and web surveys
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I created Asq to scratch my own itch. Read about what I learned in this medium article.

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